Duct leakage testing also known as duct blaster testing, utilizes calibrated fans to measure a home’s duct work for air leaks.

The combination of air infiltration or blower door testing equipment, with duct testing equipment, can reveal the total level of inefficiencies throughout a duct system and measure the rate of duct leakage outside of the home. These measurements provide insightful information which can be used to improve the efficiency of duct work, and determine the increases in energy costs associated with a home’s duct leakage.


Duct tightness testing is commonly performed for determining energy code compliance. New construction homes throughout Minnesota beginning January 2015, will require duct tightness testing if duct work is installed beyond the home’s thermal envelope.

Testing can be performed for compliance post-construction or during rough-in stages. After duct tightness testing, written documentation referencing the home’s duct tightness is provided for review by the code official having jurisdiction.