Air infiltration testing commonly referred to as blower door testing, quantifies a home’s air leakage and helps identify areas of a home that can be improved or corrected.

The combination of air infiltration testing equipment with thermal inspection can provide further detail on air leakage pathways throughout a home which would otherwise be largely missed. Through this type of diagnostic testing, air leakage from a home can be minimized, thus improving a home’s thermal envelope, reducing heating and cooling costs, and improving overall comfort.


Air infiltration testing is commonly performed for determining energy code compliance. New construction homes throughout Minnesota beginning January 2015, will require air leakage testing to verify acceptable air leakage rates or air changes per hour.

Testing can be performed for compliance at any time after the creation of all penetrations of the building thermal envelope. After infiltration testing, written documentation referencing a home’s air leakage rate is provided for review by the code official having jurisdiction.