Thermal imaging commonly referred to as infrared, is a diagnostic technique which used to view and measure a home’s surface temperature variations for the purpose of diagnosing or gaining additional information on a multitude of home problems.

By viewing and measuring temperature variations from the interior or exterior of a home, thermal inspections can provide a cost-effective and unobtrusive method for analyzing home problems such as: moisture intrusion and documentation, insulation inefficiencies, air leakage, electrical problems, ice dam problems, compromised windows, and more.

The combination of thermal inspections with air infiltration testing equipment can provide further detail on air leakage pathways throughout a home which would otherwise be largely missed. Through this type of diagnostic testing, air leakage from a home can be minimized, thus improving a home’s thermal envelope, comfort, and energy costs, while eliminating ice dam problems.


Enhancing a Residential Home Inspection with the use of a Thermal Inspection is slowly becoming common place. By combining a visual assessment in the form of a Residential Home Inspection, with a thermal inspection, additional insight can be gained about a property to determine if unforeseen repairs may need to be made with a home.

While extremely useful as a diagnostic technique, the level of insight gained as a result of a thermal inspection can vary widely by the individual employing the technology. Ensure your receiving the highest level of service and insight before a Thermal Inspection by evaluating the expertise of the company or individual performing the Thermal Inspection. Thermal qualifications such as those attained by Prokore, are often challenging to receive, but can confirm that you will receive a first rate thermal inspection.