Buying a new construction home is not the same as buying an existing home. While existing homes can come with a record of history and performance, new homes do not.

Our New Construction Inspection provides a comprehensive evaluation of most facets of the interior and exterior of a home with an emphasis on measuring the home against current building practices and workmanship. A New Construction Inspection will also review potential performance issues within the home that may affect long-term building durability and efficiency, while assisting you in understanding the wide systems within a new home that will require operation and maintenance.


With nearly a decade of inspection experience and well over 1000 Residential Home Inspections completed, we understand our clients need professional and intelligent insight, to make an informed decision. Our unique blend of inspection and building science expertise combined with Recall Chek and Prokore Care provide an unparalleled perspective into the condition and performance of the major systems inside and outside a home.


To help advise our clients into the areas that fall outside the scope of a traditional home inspection, specialty services can be combined to enhance your Residential Home Inspection. Specialty services can include services such as: radon testing, thermal inspections, and energy assessments.