The origin and symptoms of moisture intrusion can often be hidden and difficult to assess. While this can be especially true for specific finishes such as stucco, stone, or exterior insulated finishing systems (EIFS), all homes and cladding types can suffer from acute or chronic moisture intrusion. If identified early on, costly damages can be minimized and the source of moisture stopped.

At Prokore we take a practical and scientific approach to assessing moisture problems. With a visual and thermal inspection of the home combined with probe-based moisture testing we can determine the origin of moisture while documenting it’s affects throughout building materials.


Stucco homes constructed from the early 1980’s to date have had a poor record of performance in Minnesota. While a wide array of cladding types can be impacted by moisture, stucco homes are often more susceptible, and generally far more expensive to repair. If you currently own a stucco or exterior insulated finishing system home, or are considering purchasing a stucco home, probe-based moisture testing should be performed. Probe-based moisture testing is a straight forward yet effective approach to determining a stucco home’s performance.